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and to the extent that this election of paul ryan and his liabilities on medicare is becoming a problem for the romney campaign and perhaps even in some of the senate raises? >> who would like to go first? >> well, in 2008, if we just look at the seniors and the exit polls president obama lost seniors by eight points and then in 2010 midterm elections, with the exit polls aggregated the exit polls for the senate raises democrats lost by 20 which was one reason why -- and then looking to our nbc "wall street journal" poll the president was trailing seniors by close to the 2008 margin, nine points and look, i think that you know, i think paul ryan is a very smart person. i think clearly the romney team must feel he is a qualified to be president president of the united states. is a democratic analyst, to us it just sort of reignited the whole medicare issue because you know we have spent a lot of time and glen and i do senate and house campaigns, talking about the ryan plan. and you know, sometimes we talk about the ryan plan without saying the ryan plan because people didn't know who pau
of wisconsin for the recall, but he really hated teachers and people like paul ryan. he just wants to push grandma over the class, future maybe if she's lucky, and little tables and beds. i mean, this is what they want people to think of really incredibly good and intelligent conservatives. and it is so over-the-top ludicrous. now, barack obama is the opposite of all those things. he loves puppies. u.s. people. he loves rainbows. and he is a total romantic. this man knows how to wine and dine his wife. unfortunately for us usually on our tax dollars. and he can do no wrong, even after this ridiculous record, the incredible damage has been done to the united states. none of it matters because the infatuation has turned into a full-blown affair that the media has had with him. now, i know we'll have audience participation at the end of the program, but as far as i'm concerned, you should feel perfectly welcome to user noisemakers to let the world know how you feel when we give our finalists to 2012 dishonors knuckle draggers award. here we go. first nominee of the night his former cnn corres
't like it. but what is your plan? >> thursday, congressman paul ryan and vice president joe biden face-off in their vice presidential debate. you can watch it 7:00 p.m. eastern. both candidates on screen the entire debate. i'll live coverage on c-span, c-span radio, and online at >> a discussion on mitt romney's foreign-policy plan and the foreign-policy and how is paying in the presidential election. from "washington journal" promises 40 minutes. >> mitt romney made his foreign-policy speech yesterday. did you hear anything new? >> guest: you know, this is an important speech for mitt romney. it was also, i think, the third important foreign-policy beach in the campaign. people are paying a lot more attention now that we aren't within days and weeks of the election. what he's trying to do is what many try to do. he is not outlining how he would run the country so much as he's trying to contrast with obama. >> host: what you think mitt romney did well in discussions about the economy. >> guest: there is also a live debate when it comes to foreign policy. he is a one-man sho
for in the ryan budget minus $200 million so $916 billion. these are the things i think are problematic in terms how the policy debate and i think that the super packs only make it worse. you have individuals who have personal opinions they are trying to force upon people. i think we would be better off with a -- we would be. i'm happy to be a part of super pac. i'm happy to defend barack obama he's the beefs and next president of the united states. and that's great. but do i wish this didn't have to be? yeah. i do. and i think that experiencing connecticut in public finance we have campaigns and in new york city they work fine. and voters while they may say they're not happy with taxpayer funded campaigns, you know, things have gone smoothly in a lot of the places that have public financing. i think that the rhetoric doesn't match the reality at the end of the day. we'll see where it goes. more likely i'll i think we'll see changes to the law and then the next incarnation of super super pac. >> thank you for coming. we are running a campaign that is important to everybody in this room in new je
the statistics are staggering by people who are affected by medicare and would be losers if the romney/ryan budget and their guaranteed goes into effect. we heard from experts but also individuals who told us individual stories and what it would mean to them. it is not just about seniors but their families. and it is removing what we heard about the statistics. the choice republicans advocate is the choice for the insurance companies to choose to cover or not progress seniors blues there choice of doctors and providers. privatizing medicare gives profit to the private sector at the expense of our seniors. our colleagues will touch on aspects of that. i am proud of the overflowed turnout at that hearing today. to send a clear message. the election is five weeks from today. medicare is on the ballot it -- ballot. it is in jeopardy. we have a responsibility to protect. know i will yield to mr. steny hoyer. >> we met today as has been the case. the speaker of the republican party walked away when we ask for unanimous consent to proceed on business. the to do list is a long one. we walked away
,000 or in a little less tight new form. if romney wins he will have a mandate for some version of the ryan budget, probably temper a little bit to get some democratic votes. if he becomes president i think we'll have a mandated something close to the. either way we'll probably get a big deal, plus with the pressure of the debt limit and other things, the market out of, i think 2013 becomes a big entitlement reform, tax reform, budget reform. moment. it does mean though, this sort gets to john's point, there will be an amazing pivot on november 7 and sunday the campaign will be over and president obama let's say a lot of people who voted for him, yeah, guess what? we are going to do and come reform, and guess what, all the stuff i said about how mitt romney will destroy america, something will be do something that will not look at wildly different from some of the reforms that the republicans talked about it and, of course, romney will have the same problem with pivoting. i think the romney campaign, the romney transition team led by jon's predecessor is working pretty seriously on what they would
everybody has access to college. but congressman king voted for the ryan bill twice, and that would have cut billions of dollars out of the education program. so i think that is a real problem for him. moderator: congressman king, is that a problem for you? 302nd rebuttal. [applause] steve: you heard a partially informed response. it is a projection on what pell grants would do to increase over the years, and the ryan budget does that down to make sure there there for all students going into the future. it does not get them. and we want them to be solvent. that is a clear basis of the facts of it. i have supported them along the way. there have been a couple of times they have been dropped into a much larger bill. we should remember that much of this gets mischaracterized but that is the fact, and we want to help all students. enrollment is going up, and that is a good thing. moderator: thank you, congressman. 30-seconds to respond. christie: he voted for the ryan budget twice, and it not only cut money for a college team of college students and makes it more difficult to get as patient, but
clearly more notional guy, excitable guy. ryan certainly more passionate and probably much more articulate when it comes to litigating the specifics of medicare and complex budget issues. you will this interesting ebb, mike this morning nailed it in playbook. this morning listen for watch of signs a lot of comeback stories. before you had this debate performance you had this video that weigh talked about. it was leaked out. it was five years old. but there is a lot of stuff in there that the obama campaign would rather not deal with. there's a couple of polls. one in virginia. one in florida, that showed those states tighting. >> republicans say there is one coming from ohio, republican inturnnal polls. they were sick about ohio. they're feeling better about it. >> any of this controversy over libya which was not brought up for whatever reason in the debate tonight. but obama, president obama has been under fire for their shifting explanation of why an ambassador was killed and what the root cause of that was. they initially said it had to do with silly videotape making fun of muslims. in
, an interview. her guest was paul ryan. listen as she prattles off a series of talking points from a very official sounding and therefore trustworthy impartial organization. unfortunately though it isn't. just another far left pro-obama outfit. listen as she demands paul ryan admit his budget will hurt poor people, that everyone will suffer, that as a matter of fact he doesn't even like poor people. paul ryan deserves the nobel peace prize for not beating her around the hid and neck with a semifrozen flounder. >> budget and policy priorities, you're smiling you know about this. >> i do. >> 62% of the savings in our budget would come from cutting programs for the poor. that between eight and 10 million people would be kicked off of food stamps. that you would cut medicare by 200 billion. medicare and other health programs by something like 770 billion. where is the empathy in this budget? do you acknowledge that poor people will suffer under this budget? >> no. >> that you have shown a lack of empathy to poor people in this budget? >> now of course, any one of these, of course any one of t
big losers if the ryan from a republican budget and their medicare severance of the guarantee, which will go into effect. but we've heard from experts estimate that would mean, though you also from individuals, from ben and cheryl the stories of what it would mean to them. this is very personal. it's not just about seniors. it's about their family and what we've heard this morning from their personal stories about the statistics that the fact that the choice that the republicans are advocating is a choice for the insurance companies to choose to cover or not. seniors who lose their choice of doctors and other providers. privatizing medicare means giving profit to the carrier at the extent of our seniors. the list goes on a narcotics will touch upon some aspects of that. but i'm very proud proud of the overflow turnout that we had of our members at that hearing today and to send a very clear message. five weeks from today, medicare was on the ballot haired medicare is in jeopardy. we have a responsibility to protect. with that, please feel to a democratic witness. >> thank you, not a
romney has spoken in commerce and ryan is acted on. [inaudible] >> and now live coverage of the new jersey senate debate between them, bob menendez and republican challenger, joe kyrillos. it's the first of three debates in its courtesy of njtv in englewood. >> moderator: to those witnessing the debate live at the universities john jay kelley school of music and those participating to television, radio or the internet, welcome to our campus. the university's partners for today's event are njtv and the north jersey media group. we're pleased to serve as a hub for the many other news organizations that are covering this event live, including wnyc, wb wbgo-fm, c-span another news outlets. i would like to encourage your citizens throughout the state to be actively engaged in considering the issues and the candidates and to participate in the electoral process. thank you. ♪ >> at the john jay calley school of music. i am mike schneider, managing editor here at njtv. we welcome you to the first debate between the two major party candidates for the u.s. senate. u.s. senator bob menendez,
the ryan budget. which is the ryan budget do? it ends medicare. makes it a vowture. privatize the social security, dray matily cuts assistance to education in our country. as someone who grew up poor in a tenement. i want pell grants and perkins loans out there and keeping student interest rates loan. so every child can achieve a education and the ability to work hard. >> moderator: senator? we have a joe budget. that i will work on and advocate for and comprise along the way with that sacrifice principle with my colleagues. and with executive branch. bob, there you go. you talk about congressman ryan, it's more of the same. it it's always the other guy's fault. you have been there a long time. your party has been in the majority in the senate now for a long time. i think your entire term. and so i have some very specific plans. we have discipline here in new jersey. it's not always pretty. but when we deal our state budget, we do what we need to do. we don't get to print money and so we work hard and have at los in the last few years to make things right. we spend 24% of the economy on
] [inaudible conversations] starting soon on c-span mitt romney and paul ryan hold a campaign valley in fisherville, virginia. it's the first campaign event following last night's presidential debate. .. here are some responses of the media service. >> the important issues or may really have to do with women's rights and rights for all the men, not just wealthy when it and the supreme court will go a long way to make sure that those who served for generations to come. [inaudible] >> i am a student at the university of denver. and the biggest issue for me is getting a job after i'd done the school. i pay $55,000 a year to come here. i want a job when i leave. >> hi, my name is sandy and the most important issue in this election is health care. it is important that i have access to care that i need. >> one of the most important issues is the quality of the american citizens, especially come into my own as they lgbt american. >> find more about our political coverage on 2012. >> next, c-span's campaign 2012 coverage continues at the house debate of north carolina's e
on what they're supposed to be good at, which is dollars and cents. paul ryan's budget plan is going balance the federal budget in 28 years and it's incumbent on growth built into there is? come on. nobody believes this. everybody understands this has to be mutual sacrifice on the part of all of us and i'll use that mutual. and as long as it's mutual, think we'll all suck it up and fix this. but we're being led to believe we can do nothing or we don't have to do anything and we're going to fix it? no way. or that somehow -- really, growth is going to come out of nowhere? we got zero% interest rates. we're stagnant. le federal reserve. auditingauditing the federal re. wow, would love to turn on the lights and understand what is in federal reserve balance sheets. how much are they buying up? how many assets are they buying? and whatever they buy, inflates in value and in this case i think that buying up equities, certainly buying up treasuries, because if they weren't buying them, nobody else would be. >> host: one of the earlier calls came up with several points. one of them spoke to
and has a 50,000-dollar job while the ryan budget cut the pell grant in the amount the she can get and you vote against cutting the interest for those loans. where is the interest and to paraphrase springsteen, yes, small businesses my employee and the people at work and their husbands and wives, these people are suffering. i see them all the time, what is happening in this country since 1980 is that the top 1% of our population that controls the 7% of the wealth we now have 1% of the population and this is not class warfare, this is fact. it controls 2425% of the well. there is something wrong with that disparity. all the economy see it, and that means that yes, we do need to have tax reform and we have to distribute it fairly. the people that make the most have to pay their fair share to be blessed to live in this wonderful land we live in. that's the way that i look at it. [applause] >> moderator: okay, mr. cantor, one minute. cantor: what is unfair is that so many people are out of work. i don't think that's what most americans believe. what most americans believe is that we all ought
romney also out on the road today with his running mate, paul ryan. they have a late afternoon in fisherville, virginia, today live at 6:45 eastern here on c-span. and on c-span2 today here at 8 eastern, a new jersey senate debate between incumbent senate bob menendez and state senator carillos. it'll be held at montclair state university and courtesy of nj tv in new jersey. live coverage at 8 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. [applause] >> we need to tackle our nation's challenges before they tackle us. we need to save and strengthen medicare and social security, and we're putting the ideas on the table on how to do that. we're not going the try and scare seniors, we're going to save these benefits for seniors and for my generation so that these promises are kept. >> they have laid out clearly, they say, that what barack obama and joe biden did is they've endangered medicare, they've stole money from medicare, and they've done it to get obamacare and all this, and you see in the ads, and you hear it in everything they say. nothing could be further from the truth. >> next thursday
think that can't be very much the white house chief of staff the budget director paul ryan as vice president who knows a lot about this and whoever is the treasury secretary meeting twice a day i would guess that the white house at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. with senior white house staff and maybe the secretary gets to be in those meetings for a big part of it and everyone else is sort of, you know, getting their secretary confirm and getting to know the law authorizing committees on the hill and the rest of the administration i would hope they would move to more of a modernizing government and a whole bunch of other things that can be done in the department which really need to be approved before the policy point of view and execution and the administration point of view but i do think my sense they are right about this and very focused on the first six to nine months. if you want to do that you these extremely strong white house controls and if i were advising you are my best people i would sit in at the white house and when the treasury at the beginning. we want to beat cabinet secretari
spectacularly. in part because of paul ryan who was on the commission and then voted against proposal. finish secondly, you're still up against the basic problem that if ryan had, in fact, voted for the simpson-bowles proposals and if they had gotten through congress with president obama's support, obama would get the credit. and he would be waltzing to, you know, a piece of cake re-election. so i do think -- and there's, actually, a third problem should be mentioned. peter orszag, the former head of the budget bureau, wrote an op-ed in "the new york times" saying, basically, contra my own instincts the problem with the united states is that there's too much democracy. we can't get anything done if we actually try to do it through elections and democratic procedures. what we need are ever more expert commissions that will make decisions for us. now, maybe that's true. but it should be recognized that if that is the solution to our problems, then we should stop prattling to other countries around the world that what they need is more democracy. because, in fact, we would have come to the concl
. what's your plan? >> thursday congressman paul ryan and vice-president joe biden will face often their only debate. moderating from center college in danville, kentucky, and you can watch ending date to c-span with our live debate preview starting a 7:00 p.m. eastern follow the debate at ninth, and your reactions to mccall's, e-mails, and tweets at 1030. follow our live coverage on c-span, c-span radio command online at >> i watched on c-span the various congressional hearings and congressional deliberations on public policy and also in affirmation that is put out by the various think tanks here in washington d.c. i like to watch them interviews by brian lamb. he hosts different authors and they have discussions. and that discussion about the buck that they have written, and so it is just an easy way to get information that are in the books without having to read the book. >> what is c-span on comcast. c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. the american enterprise institute here in washin
. in part because of paul ryan who was on the commission and then voted against proposal. finish secondly, you're still up against the basic problem that if ryan had, in fact, voted for the simpson-bowles proposals and if they had gotten through congress with president obama's support, obama would get the credit. and he would be waltzing to, you know, a piece of cake re-election. so i do think -- and there's, actually, a third problem should be mentioned. peter orszag, the former head of the budget bureau, wrote an op-ed in "the new york times" saying, basically, contra my own instincts the problem with the united states is that there's too much democracy. we can't get anything done if we actually try to do it through elections and democratic procedures. what we need are ever more expert commissions that will make decisions for us. now, maybe that's true. but it should be recognized that if that is the solution to our problems, then we should stop prattling to other countries around the world that what they need is more democracy. because, in fact, we would have come to the conclusion tha
. not want to say it like a plan, i get that. what's your plan? >> thursday, paul ryan and joe biden will face off in their only to paid, abc news martha bad is moderates from dental kentucky, and you can watch and engage in c-span with her live debate preview start at 7 p.m. eastern followed by the debate at nine and your reaction, calls, e-mails and tweets at 10:30 p.m. spent c-span campaign 2012 debate on the website provides live and on-demand coverage of all the presidential and vice presidential debates and it's the only place where you will see our live coverage of behind the scenes sites and sounds before and after the debates. aside as each debate question available as a separate clip where you can search and watch my topic. watch your creative clips as well and read streaming tweets from political reporters and other viewer reactions at >> up next to find of a new public opinion poll in american attitudes toward arabs and muslims. this was conducted following recent violent protests in the arab world that erupted in response to a film denigrating islam.
to be in a movie next year. make sure you oppose watch it with bradley cooper, ryan gosling and even mendez, which was the most exciting part. it's called the place beyond the times. so is just developed this new celebrity aspect of his incredible resume come i want to give a warm welcome to just pollack. thank you for coming down. [applause] >> we are on the ground floor of your movie career. thanks everybody for coming and thanks to the students were passing it over to bush. one note, classes usually off the record. tonight it is clearly on the record, so this is a little bit different for class. we hope everybody will as well. on the republican side, jonathan collegio is here. john is one of the foremost communications professionals among both the world of politics and beyond. read any stretch of two medications for american crossroads, which is the largest as a group right now playing in the political world. he also is director of television for the national association of broadcasters. when he and i worked in the same building last decade, where he was press secretary of the undersea, also de
they are accounted for in the ryan budget minus $200 million more, so $916 billion. these are the things that i think are problematic in terms of how the policy debate, and i think that the, um, the super pacs only make it worse because you have individuals who have personal, um, opinions that they're trying to foist upon people. and i think we'd be better off with the candidates, we just would be. i'm happy to be part of a super pac, i'm happy to defend barack obama because he's the next and best president of the united states, and that's financial. but do i wish this didn't have to be? yeah, i do. and i think experiencing -- in connecticut we have public financing campaigns, and you know what? they work just fine. and the voters while they may say they're not that happy with taxpayer-funded campaigns, you know, things have gone pretty smoothly in a lot of these places that have public finance, so i just think the rhetoric doesn't. match the reality at the end of the day. more likely i think we'll see changes to the laws and, um, and then the next incarnation of super, super, super pacs. >> well, we
the issue of the health mandated contraception but the same strong catholic combination of, paul ryan's budget because of the cuts to the poor and it really comes back to what is the issue versus the party, and again i think a lot of political folks don't understand you might have some folks that are going to be against you on this issue because it doesn't align with their face the they will support you in something else. >> you see it within the catholic church and the nuns on the bus. that import a lot of latinos that grew up with the nuns are around them and we have to stop the direction we are going it in power a lot of the latino communities. >> when it goes to political laziness and when you said it's one lever in the process and what are we going to do as black and brown communities moving forward to understand that if people can pull one or two and that's all they need to to do is lose all the bigger picture. we have to make sure that as new each leader evaluates what each party is doing let's not be persuaded by one issue or another in the vote and subsequently 4/5 or 23 mont
, the majority leader, calls people like paul ryan, who is now running for vice president. .. >> if you keep doing this, you are going to risk your speakership. the president said when i talked to him, interestingly enough, he said in fixing -- he realizes the magnitude of all of this, as does speaker boehner, key democrats, key republicans realize what it is. and the president literally said to me, i would willingly lose an election if i could solve these problems. it is that serious. tim geithner, the treasury secretary, in the book is quoted thousands of words telling the president, you have got to do something about this problem. we have to fix it. you literally, it's not that we're going to close down the government, we will close down the american economy and, in turn, the global economy. if they do not solve the issue of this runaway spending, get some way to stop borrowing in excess, he tells the president of the united states if we default on this, on our obligations and our ious, we will trigger a depression worse than the 1930s. anybody here remember the 19 1930s depression? you p
and does cut in to medicare and social security, the paul ryan-type approach. >> guest: exactly. >> host: you see this as part of a grand conspiracy? >> guest: it certainly a grand plan, because the thing we see in most of many of the wealthy, not all, by the way, we need to emphasize that. not all. warren buffet is in a totally different position. what we see may not like to pay taxes. they do not want any government programs of any sort. the less governments so you. the means fewer takes you have. it's a basically a simple approach let the market work and everybody go about their business. what we're worried about is how intellectual a lot of these advertisements are being. they already announced in the case of the swing state they're going pump in millions and millions of dollars and in pennsylvania, for example, the pitch is going portraying obama as a just a disaster? terms of the deficit. you may not like obama, you may not like his program, you may have a different way of looking at the way the country should run, but obama as the creator of the deficit? , i mean, he inherited thi
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)